Tips for buying second-hand air conditioners to maximize savings

Tips for buying second-hand air conditioners to maximize savings

The selection of second-hand air conditioners is a choice that will save costs in purchasing air conditioners for homes and offices. However, it is a choice that requires detailed observation since purchases without proper inspection can result in many problems that may follow, resulting in it not being worth the money lost. Let’s look at some techniques in selecting second-hand air conditioners for saving on costs as follows.

Selecting air conditioner brands

Air conditioner brand selection is an important part to consider, where brands known for their enduringness should be bought, such as Mitsubishi, Daikin, and Carrier. This is important since second-hand air conditioners have been used for a long time, while ones manufactured with cheap materials may result in them being easily broken and in constant need of repair.

Inspecting the exterior

Before deciding to purchase second-hand air conditioners, try and inspect the exterior condition to see whether there are any fractures. If there are, spare parts will be needed to replace it after using it for a while, resulting in losing additional, unnecessary costs.

Don’t pay too much mind to the plastic color

The color of the plastic on the outside of the machine doesn’t always indicate air conditioner efficiency, since some of them will be pale due to being exposed to cold air. Thus, it is not something one should pay much attention to.

Don’t buy air conditioners in the summer

If you wish to buy air conditioners at cheap prices, don’t buy them in the summer, since they will be expensive during that time. Try buying air conditioners during the winter or rainy seasons, since in this period there will be many brands of air conditioners along with promotions and discounts, and it is easy to find technicians to install them then.

Inspect equipment well

Each person’s air conditioner usage is not the same. Thus, before deciding to purchase second-hand air conditioners, try and inspect the cooling coil panel to check if it is still in good condition. Did some air fins fall too much? (They can result in impaired air flow, resulting in air conditioners not being cool).

Inspect machine function

After choosing your desired second-hand air conditioner, the air technicians in the store shall test air conditioner function by inspecting the cooling coils’ fan rotation to check for noises, compressor function, and compressor condition in order to make sure that they still function normally to prevent problems in the future.

Selecting second-hand air conditioners is a way to help save costs greatly when compared to buying new air conditioners, but one must also inspect them thoroughly both internally and externally as well as machine efficiency before deciding to actually purchase them.

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