Answering customer FAQs regarding second-hand air conditioner purchases

Answering customer FAQs regarding second-hand air conditioner purchases

Many families have not installed air conditioners in their homes since some of them still feel that purchasing air conditioners is an expensive endeavor. Thus, purchasing second-hand air conditioners is another choice for those who wish to save money but also wish to cool hot environments. Let’s see the pros and cons of purchasing second-hand air conditioners.

Are second-hand air conditioners good?

The second-hand air conditioners for sale depend on their states, such as how long they have been used for. Some stores may purchase them in very cheap prices, such as around 2,000 – 3,000 baht based on their condition. After obtaining second-hand air conditioners however, the stores will then inspect their external and internal conditions. If they are still in good condition, they will be placed for sale potentially with the replacement of some equipment. The functional ages of second-hand air conditioners are lower than new ones, since they have been used for approximately 2-3 years.

What to do when wanting to purchase second-hand air conditioners?

Before deciding to purchase second-hand air conditioners, one must meticulously inspect their conditions and not just inspect the exterior, since you cannot tell whether the air conditioner will work well this way and whether the compressor still works normally. The inspection in this step will use measurements from specific apparatus as well as observations from actual usage.

For certainty in case one is interested in purchasing second-hand air conditioners, we allow customers to test their usage. As a store that mainly sells second-hand air conditioners, tubing at flare nuts or joints will be prepared for customers to test them out. Testing air conditioner usage is a difficult matter, since it will waste refrigerant liquids as well as time, meaning that it was not worth the already cheap price of second-hand air conditioners. Thus, mostly there won’t be actual tests of usage. The installation costs are what will earn the store profits, while cleaning and repairing air conditioners afterwards help to sustain the business of second-hand air conditioners.

Conclusions who wish to use second-hand air conditioners

  • Most second-hand air conditioner purchases don’t come with tests. Thus, you should purchase them from trusted stores
  • There should be a warranty of at least 3-6 months. Purchases without warranties are not recommended
  • Second-hand air conditioners might not be new but can cool air, which is fitting for those who want cold air but are not interested in additional functions.

Purchases of second-hand air conditioners must involve meticulous inspections of air conditioner external and internal conditions, since most of them will not offer tests of functions. Some second-hand air conditioners were used for a long time and may have short remaining functional ages and are not worth it. Thus, are suited for people who are in need but have low budgets.

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