Selling good quality, cheap second-hand air conditioners, ready for installation

Kodang Air Second-hand air conditioners in Chon Buri, Pattaya, Rayong, Chachoengsao, and Bangkok. We always update the latest air conditioners; customers can ask about air conditioners as well as the desired BTU through our store. We have cheap second-hand air conditioners of various BTUs, from the lowest ones for second-hand air conditioners for use in homes and offices to the largest ones fitting for factories. Each one is in good condition, cheap, and we have air conditioners of many brands and models fitting for installation around homes, offices, large factories, as well as workers’ residences. They are approximately 30-80% cheaper at #KodangAir. We sell and install second-hand air conditioners with skilled AC technicians.

Serviced Provinces

We have a storefront where customers can come to view our goods. Our store is at the Bang Lamung district just before entering Pattaya, at the road adjacent to the train tracks. Our store will update and show pictures of second hand air conditioners along with their prices. They will always be updated on our Facebook FanPage. Since we offer to install our second-hand air conditioners as well, our service areas are limited to only provinces adjacent to Pattaya. Currently our furthest service area is in Bangkok; further service areas may have additional installation conditions.

Second-hand air conditioners in Chon Buri

Since Chon Buri is where our store is located, we are able to offer services for both small and large jobs. Even a single second-hand air conditioner is able to be installed. We take care of our customers in Pattaya, Chon Buri with fast services. Nearby customers can come in to see our air conditioners immediately. We disassemble, clean and reassemble them at the warehouse next to the office. There are many types of air conditioners for selection according to customers’ needs.

Second-hand air conditioners in Bangkok

We sell and install second-hand air conditioners in Bangkok. Our services in Bangkok only cover the installation of multiple large-sized air conditioners that may be part of an office, factory, or various shopping malls, due to the far distance from the store. However, we are able to offer our services in Bangkok, albeit with many installation conditions.

Second-hand air conditioners in Rayong

We are able to install second-hand air conditioners in Chon Buri and are able to travel between each location quickly. Currently we have expanded our service areas for selling and installing second-hand air conditioners into Rayong. If any customers in Rayong are interested, have questions, or wish to see our goods, our store is open from Mondays to Fridays. You can come to see the air conditioners at Kodang Air at all opening hours.

Second-hand air conditioners in Chachoengsao

Our store offers services in selling and installing second-hand air conditioners in Chachoengsao, as it is a province adjacent to Chon Buri (where our store is), and thus travel between the locations can be done conveniently. We install both small and large air conditioners, including second hand air conditioners as part of a building’s internal systems with experienced technicians of large air conditioners.

Second-hand air conditioners in Samut Prakan

We offer our services in installing second-hand air conditioners in Samut Prakan with the same conditions as in Bangkok, which are that we only accept jobs with multiple installations or installations of large air conditioners with high BTU. This could be an internal systems job for an entire building’s air conditioning system. We currently only accept jobs of installing large second-hand air conditioners.

Kodang Air second-hand air conditioners come in many sizes and prices. However, we guarantee that they are definitely cheaper than general air conditioners. Our store offers guarantees for installations and offer to install them in service areas. You may ask about the details with Kodang Air sales team.

Types of second-hand air conditioners available

Kodang Air sell both new and cheap second-hand air conditioners. Each one of them must be able to function and sufficiently cool the air, since the company will meticulously inspect their conditions before selling them. We are focused on selling selected second-hand air conditioners in many forms, including wall-mounted, floor-mounted, floor standing, ceiling suspended, cassette, trapping, duct, concealed, AHU, control units, and large factory air conditioners.


Second-hand wall-mounted air conditioners

We sell second-hand wall-mounted air conditioners, especially popular air conditioners that can be installed around houses and offices that can greatly reduce costs. If one needs an air conditioner for a decorated house, our store is able to find good quality second-hand air conditioners that are cheaper than the market and spray the cooling coils with various colors. Each air conditioner comes with installation, refrigerant filling, and inspection services.

Prices are around 70% Cheaper

BTU taken into consideration

  • 9000 BTU
  • 12000 BTU
  • 18000 BTU
  • 24000 BTU
Wall-mounted air conditioners are fitting for bedrooms, study rooms, and small offices. They come in beautiful shapes with a range of functions. Most importantly, they are easy to take care of.

Second-hand ceiling suspended air conditioners

We sell second-hand ceiling suspended air conditioners that are mostly used in large areas. We are able to install them as well as check their function and systems. They are popular with small and medium-sized offices that wish to reduce work costs. Ceiling suspended air conditioners may be loud depending on the air sounds. They have higher BTUs than wall-mounted air conditioners, and are fitting for people who need coldness but do not need many work functions.

Prices are around 70% Cheaper

BTU taken into consideration

  • 18000 BTU
  • 36000 BTU
  • 42000 BTU
  • 60000 BTU
Ceiling suspended air conditioners are able to give strong air currents, spread cold air well, and are fitting for medium and large-sized rooms. Thus, they are commonly used for meeting rooms, offices, and factories.


We sell second-hand portable air conditioners that can cool limited areas without the need for permanent installation but can easily be moved around. This type of second-hand air conditioner will mostly be used with lounges and dormitories, where they can save on costs. Most importantly, they are cheap and have no installation conditions. Thus, customers can order them from us from anywhere in the country.

Prices are around 70% Cheaper

BTU taken into consideration

  • 9000 BTU
  • 12000 BTU
  • 14000 BTU
  • 18000 BTU
Portable air conditioners are the first choice for lounges and dormitories where air conditioners cannot be installed. Moreover, as second-hand portable air conditioners, they have no installation costs, meaning cheaper costs.

Second-hand cassette air conditioners

We sell second-hand cassette air conditioners; installation requires skilled air conditioner technicians who can lay down pipes in the ceiling. They are normally expensive if set up as a large system, but cheap second-hand air conditioners can help to reduce costs greatly while providing very cool air. The most popular choice is to install them for the whole building to reduce construction costs.

Prices are around 60% Cheaper

BTU taken into consideration

  • 18000 BTU
  • 24000 BTU
  • 36000 BTU
  • 51000 BTU
Cassette or hidden air conditioners are commonly used for very large rooms, offices, industrial factories, as well as rooms surrounded by windows.

Second-hand standing air conditioners

We sell second-hand standing air conditioners. Normally this type of air conditioner isn’t commonly seen due to their high prices and specific uses. Thus, they are suited for places where the people enter and exit regularly. These air conditioners need to be placed at various points to reduce work costs as their function is nothing special, but merely to cool air as usual.

Prices are around 50% Cheaper

BTU taken into consideration

  • 36000 BTU
  • 48000 BTU
  • 72000 BTU
  • 150000 BTU
Standing air conditioners with high BTU are air conditioners with strong winds and fast cooling abilities. They are suited for places where the people enter and exit regularly such as stores, shopping malls, restaurants, and movie theaters.

Second-hand air conditioners can be bought at Kodang Air

  • We sell cheap second-hand air conditioners of many types and BTUs.
  • All second-hand air conditioners are definitely able to cool air sufficiency to your needs.
  • We have repeatedly inspected the conditions, functioning, and testing of our air conditioners before selling them.
  • We are able to assemble hot and cold coils, old and new, well and professionally.
  • We check the quality of our work and always fill up the test nitrogen to prevent leaks.
  • The color of the machines might not be fresh, but we have a spray paint service if requested.
  • Some machines still have a warranty while some don’t; we always inform customers of which.
  • We are an old store that has opened and serviced customers for a long time, are to be believed and experienced.

We will clean and inspect all pieces. If any of them are defective, we will order authentic parts from their centers. All second-hand air conditioners have been tested and their coldness tested, since we are an air conditioner store. We are able to repair air conditioners, have parts for sale, and are in constant contact with air conditioner centers of all brands.

About Us

Kodang Air is a second-hand air conditioner warehouse. All of our air conditioners are in great condition and have guarantees from the store.